Our Work
This is one of our favorite pages...you get to view some of our work! Below you will find some of our most
recent web development & graphic projects. We hope you enjoy all of our work & we look forward to working
on your next project :)

Web Development Projects

Kreative Concepts - Houston Wine Fest Kreative Concepts - RH Inspirations
Houston Wine Fest
The Houston Wine Fest needed a new look for the upcoming
festival. Kreative Concepts gave them a clean & bold look.

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, PHP, Jquery
RH Inspirations
RH Inspirations needed a custom blog design to go with there
e-commerce website RH Signature & managed by Wordpress.

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, PHP, Jquery, Wordpress

Kreative Concepts - Goldson Spine Kreative Concepts - American Jobs
Goldson Spine
Goldson Spine needed a clean re-design & Kreative Concepts
was there to handle all there web needs :)

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, .NET, Jquery, CMS, Flash,
Database Management
Regain American Jobs
A new company with a great business needed a fresh &
professional design website with a CMS.

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, .NET, Jquery, CMS, Flash,
Database Management

Kreative Concepts - RH Signature Kreative Concepts - Ann Werme
RH Signature
Got products? That's what RH Signature had in mind when they
reached out to Kreative Concepts for there e-commerces site.

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, .NET, Jquery, CMS, e-commerce,
Database Management
Ann Werme Stationers
Keeping up with technology...Ann called Kreative Concepts
to re-design their website plus add a CMS.

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, .NET, Jquery, CMS, Flash,
Database Management

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Graphic Design Projects

Kreative Concepts - Logos Kreative Concepts - Business Cards
Company Logos
If you need a new logo or you feel that your current logo is
out dated...then Kreative Concepts has the logo for you!

Software: Adobe Illustrator CS5
Business Cards
Do you need a professional designed business card to match
your new website? Hint! Hint! We do that too :)

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5

Kreative Concepts - Flyers Kreative Concepts - Brochures
Post Card Flyers
Do you have an event, sale or need an invitation? The a post
card flyer is a perfect way to get the word out!

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Do you need to display a little more content than a post card
flyer? If so then try a brochure design from Kreative Concepts!

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5

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